Flag Sets by S.W.I.
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Flag Sets by SWI
Flag Sets by SWI
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SWI has been supplying Wholesale Flag Sets to Schools, Homes, Churches, Government Agencies, and
Corporate Offices since 1989 ...

We offer Wholesale Flag Sets in 4 sizes from 4"x 6" desk top flag sets to the 3'x 5' presentational indoor display flag sets.

Purchase the wholesale flag set of your choice from $25.00 in a varity of styles & sizes from SWI;
Wholesale World Flag Sets from more than 300 countries, wholesale parade flag ets, wholesale indoor flag sets, wholesale desk top flag sets, wholesale presentational flag sets, wholesale military flag sets, wholesale U.S. Flag Sets

Our flag sets offer great quality- nicely printed on polyester fabric in
brilliant colors, and come with grommets or sleeves for easy attachment.
Select the flag set of your choice from the below links ..

NOTE:   NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, ( i.e...Government Agencies, Universities ),
We do except "minimum quantity" Purchase Orders! Please phone, 1-800-521-8091 or fax your orders!

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United Nations Flag Sets
* 193 UN Member Nations
Flag Sets
Indoor Presentation Flag Sets
Presentation Flag Sets
( * flagpole, floor stand,
& any flag of choice )
2016 Euro Cup Flag Sets
2016 Euro Cup Flag Set
24 Qualifying Team Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries Flag Sets
21 Spanish Speaking
Countries Flag Sets
Assorted Flag Sets - You Choose Countries
20 Assorted Flags Sets
* You Choose Countries
International Flag Sets Flag Sets of
20 International Countries
Latin Countries Flag Sets
Flag Sets
20 Latin American Countries
USA States Flag Sets - All 50 States
50 USA States
Flag Sets
European Union Flag Sets
20 European Countries
Flag Sets
Oceania Countries Flag Sets
19 Oceania Countries
Flag Sets
International String Flags
International String Flags
African Countries Flag Sets
African Countires
54 or 20 pc Flag Sets
Caribbean Countries Flag Sets
20 Caribbean Countries
Flag Sets
Asian Countries Flag Sets
20 Asian Countries
Flag Sets

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Flag Sets, International Flag Sets, World Flag Sets and Miniature Flag Sets of the UN Member Nations.

For more than 27 years, we've been supplying quality flag sets to schools, universities, government offices, and the flag industry in general. We provide flag sets of country flags, miniature flags, state flags, American Flags,
and many more!

Whatever the occasion, whether you're buying for your classroom, your organization, corporate office, special event, or just personal use, we have it all!
We stock one of the largest selections in the country and all flag sets are available in ( 4 ) sizes as shown and normally ship within 24 business hours !

If you are an online buyer, buying is Easy, Convenient, and Secure!

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* Most orders ship same day, if received by 12:00 CST,
otherwise your order typically ships next business day!


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